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Alternative Groundwork, Trick training and Spook busting/Obstacles
Saturday 24 July 2021

Event Description
Alternative Groundwork, Trick training and Spook busting/Obstacles with Lisa Dixon - Freelance Equine - Trick Training and Horsemanship -
Option 1: Spook busting obstacle clinic.
Perfect for introducing youngsters to objects and obstacles or equally helpful for the happy hacker or competition horse to practice things encountered outside in the safety of the arena.
Includes a variety of polework exercises and a variety of spooky obstacles for desensitisation. Exercises include elements of trec, agility, polework, working equitation, general handling and confidence building.
Obstacles include some the following :
Bunting Alley
Ball pit
Hoop jump
Object dragging
Loud Noise
Dismounting and mounting exercises
Lateral poles
And more!
Roughly 5 people per group for an hour.
Options are long lining, inhand, ridden or a mixture of both.
If long lining, horses to be used to long lining (no first time trying long lining at the clinic please for safety!)
Option 2: Alternative Groundwork sessions including demonstration/have a go with my own horse.
There's more to life than lunging!
Groundwork done correctly is a brilliant way of having fun with your horse.
You will learn about the different ways of training and how to improve your horses flexibility and confidence by incorporating trick training and gain body control to create general all round manners.
Breaking groundwork down into bite-size, understandable pieces.
The more body control of your horse you have, the safer you are as a handler and rider and a more understanding partnership you gain with your horse.
Trick training done correctly is a brilliant way of having fun with your horse,as well as working on your relationship, manners and overall physical flexibility of the horse.
You will learn about the different ways of training and the reasons behind them, as well as important safety information on trick training.
Tricks focused on establishing to start with (depending on session and individual horses) could be some of the following:
*Starting two types of bow (curtsy and the compliment)
*Starting the idea of target training
*Starting pedestal
*Mounting Block Parking
*Picking objects up
*Yoga exercises (eg mountain goat)
Trick training is a slow process so no trick will be taught in a day, however the basics can be explained, shown, started so you have an idea of how to carry on yourself after the session.
Some tricks can be beneficial to making every day training easier - such as loading, stepping onto obstacles, going in water, approaching 'scary' situations etc.
Watch and see the finished tricks with my own horse and have a go yourself!
Approximately 4 people per 45 minute session.
Places strictly on a first come first serve basis only and non refundable full payment prior required due to arena hire.
Please bring your own lunge/long line, bridle/headcollar if adequate control and riding hats must be worn.
Horses must be up to date with annual vaccinations and proof provided prior 
It will be in line with government guidelines at the time.
Event Location
Boughton Mill Equestrian Centre
Boughton Mill Farm
Welford Road
Chapel Brampton
01604 843319
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