Katie Moore Equestrian Coach


Katie’s background as a riding school coach over the past 20 + years has given her a vast experience of different riders and horses. She prides herself in helping riders see their achievements and aims to provide fun and informative lessons.
Katie had a keen interest at a young age to start her own horse. After completing the Monty Roberts Preliminary certificate in Horsemanship with Kelly Marks she started her own Arab X Willow (now 19 years young). She is keen to continue through the BHS training pathway, and has an interest in the biomechanics of riding, so aims to explore that more in her own learning and development as a coach through the teachings of Mary Wanless.
Katie is mainly a grassroots coach, her background is not a competitive one, her interests are in developing the horse and rider, and ultimately believes the best instructor in the arena, is the one you are sitting on! She is happy to provide tuition to all ages and abilities - whether it is encouragement, fresh ideas for training or just eyes on the ground Katie can offer the motivation you need to push yourself that bit further in the saddle.
Her lessons should provide you with motivation, something to work on, and most importantly a smile on your face! Need a fun friendly encouraging coach - Get in touch!
Private and Group Tuition
Duration varies • Starting from £10

Providing private tuition at your yard local to Northampton and surrounding villages. Or get together with some fellow horsey friends and have a Group lesson. Privates: 1/2hr flat & pole work £20 45 min flat & pole work £25 Groups - currently limited to 4 riders 1hr £10pp Discounts available for back to back lessons at the same yard