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Bagforce Equine, Livestock & Poultry Products

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Animal Feeds Stockist

At BAGFORCE we have a team of experienced poultry and animal keepers covering everything from pets to smallholding animals and exhibition poultry. This means that we have refined our stock of feeds to those that we believe offer the very best quality for every budget.

GABLESTOCK - We stock the high quality coarse layers mash from Gablestock along with various poultry and wild bird feeds

HEYGATES - This is a locally based company and we are proud to stock their locally produced feeds which offer excellent value for money

Also: Healthcare products, Feeders and Drinkers, Sanitisers, Mite and lice treatments, Diatom, Supplements,  

Bedding by SnowflakePlospan wood shavings and Aubiose hemp bedding 



Field Farm, Charlton Rd, Nr Evenly, BRACKLEY, NN13 5GH

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